Privacy Policy

Founder BitsInc. (“we” or “Founder Bits”), the operator of (a “Site”) is committed to protecting the privacy of all the users of the Site (“you” or “User”).

By using the Site, and in particular by providing your personal information on registration, filling a contact form, or submitting a review, you explicitly accept this Privacy Policy and provide full consent to the collection, storage and processing of your personal data by Founder Bits, in accordance with the terms set out in this policy.

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Personal Data Collection

Founder Bits does not require our Site users to register or provide any personal data in order to search or browse product listings. We do collect and process data from registered users and when submitting forms on the Site.

The User guarantees that the personal information provided is true, accurate and up to date in the manner that reflects the User’s current situation. The User hereby acknowledges that he/she is exclusively responsible for any inaccuracy, falsity, mistake or error in any submitted personal data and information and may be held liable for any damages whatsoever caused to Founder Bits or third parties, by virtue of using Founder Bits Services.


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Cookies and IPs

To enhance our understanding of your interaction with our Sites, we may use cookies and IP trackers which are external files we place in your computer to collect data for statistical purposes, including: date of first visit, number of visits, and date of last visit. Cookies, by themselves, do not tell us any personally identifiable information other than your IP address, however they may store personal data that you provide us on the web forms. The user may voluntarily de-activate and/or eliminate cookies by following their Internet browser instructions.

Advertising on this Site may also include Google AdSense, a system that uses "cookies" to display publicity content that relates to the pages viewed by the User. When you access a Site that uses Google AdSense and click on it, a cookie is introduced into your computer allowing Google to collect the information about your activity, in order to manage and publish advertisements through “Google AdSense” advertisement program. By using this Site, you consent to the processing of data about you and Google AdSense in the manner and for the purposes set out above in accordance with Google’s policy. You can deactivate Google AdSense cookies by deactivating cookies in their browser.