About Founder Bits

Our mission

As a founder of a startup, or solo business owner, you have a lot on you plate and never enough time. Our mission is to help you build and grow your business, without some avoidable overhead. We want to help you find the right tools and resources for your startup, so you can focus on your customers and product development.

Unlike traditional directories, Founder Bits™ tags all listings with business stages the products are most suited for. All listings are manually reviewed and approved to appear on the site, no automatic inclusions.

Who is this site for?

This site is primarily for startup founders in early and growth stages, entrepreneurs with ideas looking to become founders, and small business owners.

The Team

We are entrepreneurs, running our startups at various stages. We research products and services for ourselves and with input from the community hope to help others.

Founding Team

Lilia Lilia Tovbin - Founder
Lilia co-founded her first startup, that is now a fast growing B2C SAAS business, almost 10 years ago. Lilia focuses on product and customer development for Founder Bits, and leads all marketing initiatives.
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Chris Chris Utz - Co-Founder and CTO
Chris has over 10 years of software development experience, most recently focusing on enterprise software architecture and infrastructure scalability. Chris handles all engineering tasks for FounderBits.com, everything from designing and implementing new site features to administering the servers running the site.

Advisors and Contributors

Nishank Nishank Khanna - Advisor
Nishank is a 6-time founder with two exits. His specialty is taking any idea and executing it meticulously. He's an engineer, designer and marketer.

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